What our clients say

Very friendly and helpful
Tina S - Durley

I cannot recommend BEAT Solutions highly enough. I have used them on many projects over the last six years and always found them to be helpful and professional across all of their service areas. In these times of rapidly changing building regulation obligations their knowledge has been invaluable and solutions builder friendly. Turnaround times are excellent and business approach impeccable.
Paul E - Southampton

Had an experience recently which reminded me that I really should know by now that there is a significant difference between price and cost .  Had two prices for the SAP Calculations to be done from two different SAP Assessors on a project.  There was a price difference of £180.00. I chose the cheaper fee proposal.  Unfortunately, that small ‘saving’ would have cost me in excess of £20,000 in the solution for my build cost. Clearly the company with the cheaper fee proposal didn’t consider or seem to care about the build cost to me at all. Luckily, I was able to ask BEAT Solutions to review my SAP Calculations, and with their attention to detail and value for money approach, they negated the need for this additional sum.  Really impressed and grateful that they have saved me all of this money!!! It’s clear that I will be using BEAT Solutions again in the future for all of my energy compliance needs and on-site testing.  They certainly “have my company’s best interests at heart”.
Nick E - Southampton