Acoustic & Sound Insulation Testing

What is acoustic & sound insulation testing?

Sound Insulation Measurement testing, often called acoustic testing involves the measurement of floor and wall sound attenuation between dwellings or buildings. Part E of the building regulation requires either pre-completion testing to be carried out or the use of a standard robust detail. This is to ensure that the construction of walls and floors meet the minimum sound performance between dwellings ensuring privacy and comfort to occupiers.

Our experienced engineers are able to assist you at a design stage using sound prediction design software together with help and advice during and after the acoustic test. Our experience enables us to help your project whether it be houses, flats, shops, offices. If for some reason your results aren’t quite good enough were able to help and advise you how best to rectify the problems quickly and efficiently.

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Residential Air Testing Service

  • 15 years air tightness experience 

  • Instant onsite test results

  • Sameday certificate issue

  • Free pre-test checklists

  • Free pre-test telephone support

  • Free sameday re-test in the event of a failure

  • Smoke testing for leak detection


Why Use BEAT?

Our testing engineers are UKAS registered which means we are able to provide certificates which are guaranteed to be accepted by all local building control inspectors. All our testing equipment is annually UKAS calibrated to ensure measure accuracy.

When should I have my acoustic test?

The acoustic test should be conducted once all the building works are complete, this includes painting and decorating. To ensure compliance with Building Regulations, please ensure flooring coverings ARE NOT FITTED prior to testing. Please call us to discuss what types of floor coverings can be installed prior to testing. Don't rush and get your acoustic test too early. This increases the likelihood of a failure. We have a saying here at BEAT Solutions to establish whether the building is fit for testing. "would you let a paying customer move in yet?" If you can answer yes to this simple question, then it's is likely the building is ready.

How long quickly to i get my result and certificate?

Once the acoustic test is complete the data is later calculated into a result offsite and reports are usually issued next day.

What do we need to undertake an acoustic test?

We require drawings including floor plans, sections, elevations and site plan to enable us to calculate the buildings envelope area. Additionally we'll require a copy of the design stage SAP calculation to establish the assumed air permeability score.

What happens if my acoustic test result is too high and fails?

We are focused on helping all projects succeed. Therefore if your test fails we'll try and help with practial advice. If your project is more complex we can provide a full investigation in the problem area and using the site data can usually provide a remedial design to improve the results. This is usually sufficient for most projects to achieve the required pass result.

How to i get a quote?

Just send us your project drawings via email to or use our quote request form and we'll send you an electronic quote by return.

How long does an acoustic test take?

Depending on the size of the building the following can be used as a guide:- Houses & Flats = upto 2hrs Small commercial units i.e office, shop = upto 2hrs Medium commercial units i.e carehome, school = upto 4hrs Large commercial units i.e office blocks, hotels = upto 6hrs

Can you test multiple plots or units on the sameday?

Yes, generally as a guide we can test upto 10 dwellings or units in a single visit. For large volume projects we can test over multiple days if required.

Frequently Asked Questions