Acoustic & Sound Insulation Testing

What is acoustic & sound insulation testing?

Sound Insulation Measurement testing, often called acoustic testing involves the measurement of floor and wall sound attenuation between dwellings or buildings. Part E of the building regulation requires either pre-completion testing to be carried out or the use of a standard robust detail. This is to ensure that the construction of walls and floors meet the minimum sound performance between dwellings ensuring privacy and comfort to occupiers.

Our experienced engineers are able to assist you at a design stage using sound prediction design software together with help and advice during and after the acoustic test. Our experience enables us to help your project whether it be houses, flats, shops, offices. If for some reason your results aren’t quite good enough were able to help and advise you how best to rectify the problems quickly and efficiently.

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Residential Air Testing Service

  • 15 years air tightness experience 

  • Instant onsite test results

  • Sameday certificate issue

  • Free pre-test checklists

  • Free pre-test telephone support

  • Free sameday re-test in the event of a failure

  • Smoke testing for leak detection


Why Use BEAT?

Our testing engineers are UKAS registered which means we are able to provide certificates which are guaranteed to be accepted by all local building control inspectors. All our testing equipment is annually UKAS calibrated to ensure measure accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions