Passive House Designers

Low Energy Building Designers & Consultants

Certified by the Passive House Institute our Passive House designers and consultants can work with you to assess your project against any of the three Passive House standards Classic, Premium and Plus.


As designers we can work with you from concept to completion assisting with the initial concept designs, detailed design, project management throughout construction and final inspections for obtianing Passive House certification. Or alternatively as consultants, if you already have an architect or project manager in place we can provide advice as to the suitability of the overall design, proposed fabric and building services and work with the exciting design and construction team to support them with throughout the process. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals of full Passive House certification.

Why Us Use?

  • Approved by the Passive House Institute in Germany

  • Over 15 years experience in energy and sustainability building design

  • Over 20 years experience in construction and project management 

  • A dedicated friendly and helpful designer or consultant from start to finish

  • Supportive environment throughout the process

When should I get my SAP?

Quite simply, the earlier we are involved, the more influence we can have on easily incorporating small changes with minimal cost which can make big impacts and huge savings in build cost and carbon.

How long does it take to get a SAP calculation?

Generally a SAP calculation takes about 2-3 days to produce, we suggest however you allow 1 week from appointment to allow for busy periods.

What do you need to produce a SAP?

We require drawings including plans, sections, elevations and site plan together with a proposed specification for the materials and insulation together with the heating and hot water appliances.

What happens if my design fails?

Even if your proposed design and specification fails we will provide you solutions and recommendations to successfully achieve a PASS free of charge!

How to i get a quote?

Just send us your project drawings via email to or use our quote request form and we'll send you an electronic quote by return.

Frequently Asked Questions