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Air testing (or the lack of) in the national press

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

An interesting article was recently published in The Guardian about home owners suffering from cold and draughty homes due to rushed building work and poorly installed dry lining. Click here to read the article in full.

Whats the reality?

We like to think our clients build houses to a high standard, resulting in happy end users. On the odd occasion when an air test has failed we advise the builder where the air leakages are and re-test once any faults have been rectified.

Requirements prior to air testing:-

  • Windows and doors installed and sealed appropriately

  • Loft and roof void hatches fitted and sealed correctly

  • Kitchen units and worktops installed

  • Kitchen pipework sealed appropriately

  • Sanitaryware installed and sealed appropriately, including water traps filled

  • All radiators and boiler pipes sealed in the wall and/or floor

  • Skirting perimeter sealed with mastic to floor throughout

  • All penetrations (pipes, cables, etc.) through walls, floors and ceilings sealed throughout

  • All SVP boxings and service cupboards installed ensuring no air can escape behind any drylining or into the floor or the roof space

Examples of poor construction and detailing resulting in a poor airtightness results.

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