Southampton | Mixed Residential Development

Site of 18 mixed units

BEAT Solutions were happy to assist Alpine Homes with their, now completed,  mixed development  of 18 units in Park Gate from start to finish. 

Initially producing the Design Stage SAP Calculations and Water Efficiency Calculations. We later then carried out the Air Permeability Testing and Ventilon Testing on conclusion of the build. 

Carrying out all of the services on this project made issuing the final As Built SAP and EPC the same day as onsite testing an easy process. 

This is one one many projects we have worked with Alpine from start to finish on. We look forward to many more.

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Consultancy Services Provided

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SAP Calculations

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SBEM Calculations

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Energy Statement

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Water Calculations

Testing Services Provided

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Air Testing

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Vent Testing

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Acoustic Testing

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